Custom made evaluation board and other sockets

Custom made evaluation board and other sockets

Custom made evaluation board and more!

Whether ordering an evaluation board, or custom fit qfn sockets and bga sockets, we carry it all. At M Specialties LLC we can custom tailor exactly what our customer needs, to ensure the best operation, and full functionality of the pieces and parts ordered on our site. What sets us apart from other testing companies is the methodologies we use in testing. When running a test on the evaluation board, not only do our engineers fully test the board, its conductors, connection ports, and sockets, but will also run custom simulation testing, based upon the intended use for the evaluation board, the qfn socket, bga socket, or other components customers are ordering with us.

We custom test everything


Evaluation board

Evaluation board

Because we sell to and work with so many different clients, in different fields, we test all parts prior to selling them to our customers. Our evaluation boards will have all testing performed by our engineers and developers. Not only will they test the functionality, but will use the state of the art equipment in the field today, to ensure the board is producing at the highest capabilities possible. Qfn sockets and bga sockets are tested to ensure they are properly connected at ports, will not falter, will not short circuit, or cause other issues when they are attached to the mother board. Again, depending on the intended use, and what these components are going to be doing within the customer’s industry or infrastructure, our team of developers and engineers will run custom tests to ensure the components are going to function as they should once we sell them to customers.

We have more selection

Due to the fact that no two customers are alike, we understand that when one orders an evaluation board or qfn socket replacements, they are not going to use these pieces in the same manner as the next client ordering the same replacement parts. Therefore, we carry an extensive list of options from which our customers can choose from. Whether you know which socket replacements you need, or if you need one of our team members to inform and guide you to choose the right replacement parts, we are here to assist you in choosing exactly what you need. With a long list of sizes, fits, and custom design options, we can custom tailor to every client’s needs, and guarantee to have what you need in stock when you choose to purchase with M Specialties LLC.

We work to ensure our clients are pleased with the services and the parts we sell. Whether ordering an evaluation board, or if you need custom qfn sockets or bga sockets for a particular infrastructure or device, we have just what you are looking for. In addition to full testing and custom parts availability, we have the top engineers and developers in place to provide customers the very best in the industry. Visit our site to learn more about products offered and custom components we can tailor for your specific needs, regardless of the pieces you need to order.

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