Test Boards

Semiconductor Test Boards

Test boards from M Specialties LLC Specialties are made using the latest proven design techniques and materials. They are designed to meet the ever growing demands for higher speeds – reduce signal reflections, cross talk, and noise for applications into the Giga-Hertz range.


(Application specific Load boards and Probe cards)

Advantest Teradyne LTX/Credence Verigy (Agilent) Others
1 T5334 CATALYST Diamond Series 82000 Series MCT 2000
2 T5381 INTEGRAFLEX LT1101 83000 Series MCT 3100
3 T3340 MICROFLEX LT1001 93000 Series Mosaid 3495
4 T5581 TIGER VISTALOGIC 93000 PINSCALE Mosaid 4105
6 T3381 A500 SERIES Vanguard 9400 Series
7 T5335 J937 Quartet 95000 Series
8 T5592 J750 Octet VERSATEST 3300
9 T5593 J971 SC212/312
10 J973 ASL1000/3000
11 J993/5/7
12 J994 Fusion Series
13 J996 Deltta Master
14 Synch Master
15 Array Master
16 Delta 50

PCB Design

M Specialties LLC’s experience in the design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards is unmatched by anyone in the industry. Our years of experience includes work with mixed signal, high speed digital and RF applications. We design our boards to be 100% compliant with each tester manufacturer guidelines. We create all of our templates from the Tester manufacturers specifications, and have compiled a wide variety of templates over the last 35 years.

When it comes to manufacturing boards, we use only qualified partners who deliver quality products on time; while utilizing the best materials and practices.

We are committed to meeting your requirements at every stage of the process; from characterization to production.


We use the latest CAD software tools such as Cadence Allegro and Mentor PowerPCB to design and layout our boards.

Design & Layout

Cadence Allegro

Mentor Graphics Powerpcb

Schematic Entry


Concept HDL

Power Logic


.003 trace widths with .003 drill to trace spacing

Pin to pin spacing as low as .4mm on multi-site designs.

Experience with drill aspect ratio >30:1

Experience using Blind, Buried and back drills to alleviate stubs

Stacked Vias using HDI technology with 4 lamination cycles.

Conductive filled vias down to .4mm spacing

4% impedance tolerance available upon request

Experience with 44 layers at .290″ thickness

Proper selection of dielectric material (ex. Fr-4, Nelco, Rogers, GeTeK etc.).

Ansoft HFSS, Sigrity and Hyperlynx with IBIS and HSPICE models

Return loss and Insertion Loss simulation

EMC/EMI analysis.

Eye Diagrams for critical nets.

Crosstalk analysis

Via impedance measurement.

Pre and Post Layout measurements.

Decoupling solution for PDN.


use of only qualified PCB manufacturing partners.

100% matching of LVS and Gerbers using IPC netlist.

2 Phase QC process to verify DRC and DFM.

Experience with most advanced materials (Arlon, Nelco, Rogers, Getek, etc.).

Complete TDR report to show controlled impedance matching.


Full Pick & Place, Re-flow

Use in house and also qualified Assembly house with full testing capabilities.

3-D xray capabilities

Huge Library with trusted Footprints of discretes and ICs with our own p/n.

Fully automated BOM and Assembly drawing.

In house inventory of frequently used parts & components.

We’re ready to start your project.