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M Specialties LLC

Since 1975, M Specialties LLC has been a provider of quality consumables for the testing of Semiconductor devices. M Specialties LLC is a privately owned and operated corporation.

Within our Arizona facility we offer Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Assembly services for semiconductor specific Test Boards and Test Sockets. We are able to ensure that every facet of the design and manufacturing process is carried out properly, and that each product that we make will meet the standard of excellence for which M Specialties LLC has been known for.

We offer a Test Interface Unit that is designed on time, based on your requirements and within your budget. Our years of experience and dedication to customer service will ensure that you receive the test hardware that you need.

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With 40 years of industry experience, we have established ourselves as a leading vendor for the design and manufacturing of Test Interface Units. During this time, we have designed over 14000 PCBs and over 2000 Test Sockets, all meeting the highest performance requirements. M Specialties LLC is continually expanding our capabilties to meet the growing demand for today’s semiconductor device requirements. Our engineers have a strong industry background, and years of experience in what they do that allows them to create the best products available. We are willing and capable of answering any questions you might have at any point in your test preparation process.


M Specialties LLC recognizes the importance and value of our customers. We believe that we are not only providing our customers with a product, but with a service as well. That is why we make our clients a priority – always.

We consider it of utmost importance to meet our customers’ deadlines as well as their product requirements. Quote requests are responded to within 24 hours after we receive them. Custom board and socket designs are completed within 5-10 working days, and are delivered within 1-3 weeks after being approved. In addition, we offer 24 hour global support to ensure that our customers are never left waiting for the help they need. Socket maintenance requests are addressed promptly, and turnaround is completed quickly and efficiently from our Arizona facility. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with an experience that will leave you pleased with the delivered product and with our service.


M Specialties LLC prides itself on being one of the only test board and socket providers who manufacture and assemble their product in-house. We are able to oversee each and every step of the process at close range and resolve any issues that might happen before shipment. We ensure that any product meets the high standards that each of our customers expect. Our meticulous inspection of materials and details guarantees that an inferior product never leaves the production site. We work continuously to make sure that we produce only the highest grade products for our clients.