From bga socket to evaluation board we have it all waiting for you

From bga socket to evaluation board we have it all waiting for you

Not only bga socket

When it comes to test sockets, from a small bga socket , to the qfn socket you need for a semi conductor, we carry an extensive list of options from which our customers can choose from. We fully understand that if the bga socket is not properly contacting the mother board or main frame, or if the evaluation board is not properly installed, this can wreak havoc on the entire operation of a conductor. Therefore, we not only fully test our parts prior to sale, we also ensure that all of the parts we sell are going to fit, function,and properly operate, regardless of where they are going to be used by our customers.

We have an extensive product list

bga socket

Bga socket

No two bga sockets are alike; from the size, to the fit, to the power required, they are going to differ. The same goes when choosing an evaluation board or a qfn socket which is going to make contact with different electric and magnetic components in the mother board. For this reason, we do not take any two cases or customers alike; we offer an extensive range of sockets and components from which you can choose to purchase on our site. Each one is going to provide the user the distinct characteristics required; and, we fully have our test team work on and fully test each part prior to sale, so you can be rest assured that whether it is a small bga socket, or other socket or component, that it is going to function as it should when ordered with us.

The best testing

Our team of professional engineers are using the latest technologies in the field to properly run tests on all bga sockets, qfn sockets, evaluation board,and other electric components which we sell to our customers. This in turn allows us to offer the best quality product, as well as the guarantee that any component we sell, is going to function exactly as it should, when power and precision are most required by our customer. With the use of solid works modeling software, we can custom tailor and create even the smallest socket to fit into a larger infrastructure. Again, we realize that no two clients are going to use or rely on the small bga socket in the same manner; this is why we are using the state of the art technologies to test and design any product necessary, for any desired use clients have in mind.

Regardless of the application and use, we are going to select the best contact points and conductors; we rely on the latest technologies, the best equipment, and we are going to use the latest methods for testing conductors, sockets, and other components, to ensure we get things right for our customers. When the time comes to order pieces, small conductors or parts, or to have testing and custom design work performed, at M Specialties LLC, you can rely on our precision, and on the team of professional engineers and developers we have in place, to do the job right.

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